Job Listings via CommonGood Careers - February 2018

Business Operations

Operations Leader (Prep Schools Model), Breakthrough Schools, Cleveland, OH

Director of Business Operations, Eskolta, New York, NY


Development and Fundraising

Director of Major Gifts, National Center for Learning Disabilities, New York, NY

Associate Director, Digital Fundraising, National Center for Learning Disabilities, New York, NY

Donor Relations Officer, National Center for Learning Disabilities, New York, NY

Director of Development, New Brunswick Tomorrow, New Brunswick, NJ

Major Gifts Officer, Zoo New England, Boston, MA

Director of Development, Breakthrough Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA

Director of Development, HomeStart, Boston, MA


General Management

Boston Executive Director, GreenLight Fund, Boston, MA

Managing Director, Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, MA

Executive Director, Reaching Out MBA, Boston or Flexible

Executive Director, Friends of the Children NY, New York, NY

East Coast Executive Director, Springboard Collaborative, NY (preferred), Philadelphia or DC


Program Management

Founding Principal, East Harlem Scholars Academy HS, East Harlem Tutorial Program, New York, NY

Superintendent, Managing Director: East Harlem Scholars Academy, East Harlem Tutorial Program, New York, NY

Managing Director, Out of School Time Programs, East Harlem Tutorial Program, New York NY

Project Manager, Peterson Center on Healthcare,  New York, NY

Associate Director, Dissemination, Peterson Center on Healthcare, New York, NY

Project Associate, Eskolta, New York, NY

Project Facilitator, Eskolta, New York, NY

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Springboard Collaborative, Philadelphia, New York, or DC preferred; potential flexibility for San Francisco


Talent Management and Recruitment

Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator, Commongood Careers, Boston, MA

Associate Search Consultant, Commongood Careers, Boston, MA



Addressing Gaps in Your Work History


I have a few gaps in my work experience. I took some time off to raise my children, and then there was another period after I was laid off from a position. How should I handle these gaps on my resume?

It's completely normal to have gaps on your resume. What's important is being transparent about these time periods and position yourself overall so that these gaps don't overshadow your impressive experience. Here are a few specific tips to address any gaps in your work experience:

1) Be clear about gaps in your cover letter. The cover letter provides a logical place to provide an explanation for any time between positions listed on your resume, as well as a way to position this information in the context of the full story of your fit and interest in a role.

2) Don't try to mask gaps with a functional resume. Stick with the timeline approach of a chronological resume to ensure that your resume is easy to follow and doesn't require the reader to hunt for basic information like specific places of employment or dates employed. If your "employment story" isn't clear, the reader will assume that there is something you are trying to hide.

3) Think about how you spent your time between positions, and communicate this in your resume. If you had a pro bono consulting job, volunteered, or participated in some other community activity, list this in your work experience. If you did any special training or earned a certificate or degree during this time, add this information to the education section of your resume. Include dates so that it's clear when these activities occurred.

Following these tips will allow you to present gaps in a positive and transparent light. In the end, it's not about the fact that you've had gaps in your employment; it's about being clear about gaps, communicating how you used your time in between jobs, and turning a gap into an asset whenever possible.



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