11 Internships at UNICEF Innovation

The UNICEF Innovation team in currently has 11 internship positions available for Summer 2018. Please see link below for details on the types of positions and how to apply.


Do you want to use your skills to find new technology solutions to improve children’s lives? Want to learn more about how big data can be used for good? Want to be part of the team setting up the first venture fund inside the UN? Do you have a passion for finding and testing new ideas?


The UNICEF Innovation Internship Programme offers eligible/qualified students the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience with dedicated support of the team. These internships are for the purpose of developing your skills and contributing to an exciting project being piloted and scaled by UNICEF Innovations.


As an intern, you will:

* Get to work on a specific project of strategic value to the team. You’ll get to present your ideas and outputs to the team at the end of the summer.

* Receive dedicated mentorship from a member of multidisciplinary team related to your project and your career and development plans

* Be part of a dedicated induction programme to UNICEF and UNICEF Innovation

* Visit 2-3 external partners based in New York City (or in the remote location you are working from) that are active in the space of technology and innovation

* Have a fun and inspiring internship experience


To learn more and apply, go to http://unicefstories.org/2018/04/20/8-internship-opportunities-2018-unicef-office-of-innovation/